The work of reconciliation is a fundamental calling for the Diocese of Maryland. Reconciliation builds on our understanding of history, provides energy for the present, and forms the foundation to our future as faithful members of the body of Christ. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is an ongoing commission focused on enhancing existing efforts to eradicate racism, researching the history of slavery in our diocese and its residual impact, as well as reparations.

When any country, and particularly a young one, finds that men whose principles are unfriendly to their peace and happiness are flooding in upon them, they may with much propriety declare that such men shall be placed under certain limitations and restrictions. But to do this and then to suffer their own citizens to steal said men from their own country cannot be defended an any principle. Further to extend slavery to unborn children is a thing for which I do not know even the shadow of reason.

The Right Rev. James Kemp

Second Bishop of Maryland (1816-1827), Episcopal Diocese of Maryland


The Episcopal Churches of Maryland commemorated the 150th anniversary of the official abolishment of chattel slavery in Maryland on All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1, 2014, with the Trail of Souls: Truth and Reconciliation Pilgrimage. This day-long journey visited five Maryland sites with strong ties the both slavery and the Episcopal Church. But this was just the beginning.

An online pilgrimage of 26 churches and diocesan sites found at is a virtual tour and living legacy that is destined to grow in scope and participation. The Trail of Souls offers a chance to visit the Episcopal Churches of Maryland and witness them in a new light – looking at the legacy of slavery and the impact it still bears witness to today. As more churches discover and write their history they will be added to the web portal.


This curriculum prepared by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is meant to show students the relevance of the Bible in today’s society. It suggests today’s heroes/heroines are comparable in many ways to those they meet in the Scriptures.


The Rev. Chris McCloud
Canon for Mission
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