March 13, 2023

Here is a sample script you can use on Appeal Weekend to ask your parishioners to support the appeal.
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Bishop’s Annual Ministries Appeal

Sample Ask Script

The Bishops Annual Ministries appeal gives us a wonderful opportunity to come together as a diocese and support the ministries that need our collective resources to share the hope and love we have in Christ with our community. When you make a gift to the ministries of the Annual Appeal you are participating in our community of love.

When we join together in giving:

(Pick a few statements to read)

  • Our youth will be loved unconditionally and given a safe place to grow and flourish.
  • Our Sutton Scholars will sharpen the soft skills needed to become leaders in their community.
  • Seafarers far from home will feel cared for and loved when they arrive in our harbor.
  • Immigrants and refugees will get dedicated support to transition to life in a new country.
  • Our young adults are cared for and supported through our college campus ministries.
  • Patients, faculty, and medical staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital will be cared for and loved.
  • Latino families will find a home in The Episcopal Church.
  • The history of our churches and diocese will be preserved for generations to come.
  • We are challenging violence and injustice of every kind through Truth and Reconciliation.
  • Our Claggett Center will provide spiritual renewal and rest for our faith community.
  • Our children will become confident readers through reading camps at our churches.


The Bishop’s Annual Ministries Appeal also supports our ministries here at our church. When you make a gift to the Annual Appeal, 15% of your gift will be used here, at out church to support our (insert use of funds) Ministry. This is wonderful chance to support the work we are doing here, and the work we are doing collectively as a diocese.

(Hold up in-pew card)

In the pew, you will find the Bishop’s Appeal Prayer card. Please prayerfully consider joining me in making a gift the Bishop’s Annual Ministries Appeal. Gifts can be make online and Instructions can be found on the back of the prayer card.

Please join me while I pray.

(Read Prayer)

Thank you for considering a gift to the Bishop’s Annual Ministries Appeal.