Each year, representatives from around our diocese gather to review and discuss issues, policies and structures. While voting representatives and alternates must preregister and pay to attend Convention, anyone is welcome to attend as an observer for free. Registered attendees receive packets of information and meals during the two-day meeting. All Convention materials will also be available electronically on this web page and on our Diocesan Convention App. Click the button below to download our mobile app for iPhone and Android [via Yapp].

Diocesan Convention Postponed

Due to the quarantine because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Diocese of Maryland convention, previously scheduled for May 15-16, 2020 has been postponed. Currently, we plan to streamline our necessary business into a one-day convention on Saturday, September 12 at the Church of the Redeemer in Baltimore from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This will limit our social exposure and also save costs for all congregations and participants.

What registered convention delegates need to do before May 11:

  • Those who reserved overnight accommodations at Turf Valley must contact the hotel directly to cancel..
  • Those who registered for convention and paid the registration fee will receive a refund of the fee difference.

Postponement FAQs

Q: What if the pandemic is still problematic at that time?
A: The Convention Planning Team will reassess as time draws closer. We are checking into virtual meeting and voting options, including social isolation rooms at Redeemer for delegates who are in a high-risk category and may not feel safe being in a large room.

Q: Why can’t we meet at Turf Valley?
A: Turf Valley is juggling rescheduling many groups and they cannot guarantee availability at this time. The cost of being at Turf Valley would also be more and we are trying to save congregations money this year in particular, due to the economic impact of the pandemic.

Q: Why can’t we just skip a year?
A: We need to elect General Convention deputies and alternates for 2021. The deadline for submitting those names to the General Convention office is this June and we have already been granted an extension. For other elected offices, our canons specify that existing members continue to serve until they are replaced. In a worse-case scenario, that would apply for this year if we were unable to gather to elect.

Q: What will be eliminated from the agenda?
A: A keynote speaker and workshops will not be included this year. Canonically, the bishop has to address the convention. We also have to hold elections for offices and vote on resolutions.

Q: What about table discussion on the resolutions? Those have been so helpful in recent years.
A: Redeemer does not have the capacity to have us at round tables. We plan to set up virtual resolution hearings in the weeks leading up to convention, using the technology that many of us have become familiar with in the last few weeks.

Q: What will we do for food?
A: We are working on arranging for catered box lunches that day, as well as beverage service made available throughout the day. Redeemer has a large, accessible campus where we can spread out.

Q: How easy will it be to sit in a pew most of the day?
A: Many dioceses meet in church pews for a one-day convention. It is not ideal for comfort, but Redeemer’s pews are more comfortable than many pews, but we will still urge people to bring a cushion to sit on or place behind their backs.

Q: What about overnight accommodations for those needing to come from more than an hour away?
A: As in recent years, hotel rooms will be provided at no additional charge for congregations more than an hour away from Redeemer. Information on hotels will be forthcoming.

Q: Why can’t we just vote using current technology or mail-in ballots?
A: Because of our rules of order, people have to be elected by a simple majority of all voters, so that often requires multiple ballots. The Convention Planning Team is nonetheless exploring options for people to vote multiple times virtually.

Q: Will exhibitors and vendors still be present?
A: Redeemer’s parish hall can accommodate a limited number of exhibits and
the Convention Planning Team will be contacting all current exhibitors about options.



Call to Convention Letter


  1. Certification of Lay Delegates by rector/vicar/registrar/secretary
  2. Convention Registration of each Attendee (clergy, delegate and alternate) — online registration opens following the certification deadline
  3. Payment of Convention fees
  4. Hotel Reservation
  5. Download our Convention mobile app for iPhone and Android mobile devices [via Yapp]

Forms for Delegate Certification/Elections/Resolutions/Hotel Reservations


Hotel Information 2020

How to Write a Resolution 2020

Lay Delegate Certification Form 2020

Nomination Form 2020

Office Nomination Description 2020

Youth Delegate Certification Form 2020


All certified delegates will receive an email with a link to register online.


Much of the important work of our diocese is done by people who generously offer their time and talents in the service of the Church. This work is largely done on week nights and weekends when these lay and ordained volunteers could be enjoying other pursuits. They volunteer their time because their ordination vows and Baptismal Covenant call them to serve God with all their heart, soul, strength and mind.

Please prayerfully consider putting your name forward for one of the elected position available above in the nomination description form, or nominate a colleague whom you know and respect. The nomination form is available in the convention documents listed above.

convention deadlines

  • Lay Delegate and Youth Delegate Certification — March 3
  • Nominations — March 3
  • Registration Opens for Certified Delegates — March 4
  • Reports for the Convention Journal — March 16
  • Resolutions — March 16
  • Exhibit and Vendor Requests — TBA
  • Convention Registration fee — TBA


Additional reports and the convention journals are added, as received, according to the convention timeline.


2019 Audited Financial Statement

2020 Diocesan Budget


235th Diocesan Convention (May, 2019)

Resolutions and Journals from the 235th Diocesan Convention, May 10-11, 2019.


2019-01 Clergy and Lay Employee Compensation
Passed as amended

2019-02 Revision to Imperilment Canon
Passed as amended

2019-03 Revision to Canon 4-130 “Of Part-Time Cures”
Passed as amended

2019-04 Repeal of Integrace Canon
Passed as submitted

2019-05 Reconfiguring Diocesan Apportionment for Churches in the Diocese of Maryland
Did not pass

2019-06 Racial Reconciliation
Passed as amended

Journal Part A — 2019
Information and Reports

Journal Part B — 2019