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Clergy called to serve congregations of the Diocese of Maryland are licensed upon receipt of a signed Letter of Agreement. Any cleric not canonically resident in the Diocese who wants to provide supply services or work regularly in a congregation in any capacity (i.e., deacon, long-term supply, sabbatical supply) must be licensed. Clergy who want to officiate at a wedding in the Diocese need not be licensed, but it’s customary to notify the Bishop about the plans and wedding date.

To be licensed to serve, clergy must provide the following documents to the Office of Transitions, Human Resources and Benefits:

  • Completed Background Check, to be paid by the cleric (approximately $75)
  • Resume or curriculum vitae plus a current OTM Portfolio.
  • Letter from the Bishop of the diocese of canonical residence documenting current status as priest or deacon in good standing.
  • Certificates of completion for required workshops and training.

Once a license is granted, the cleric is free to serve as needed in congregations and other facilities (e.g., nursing homes, hospitals, and military bases). Copies of completed licenses are sent from the Bishops’ Office. Licenses are valid for one year (12 months). If a cleric will be resident in the Diocese of Maryland for longer than one year and wants to continue in active service, he or she must request another license. Please contact:

Ms. Caroline Bomgardner
Executive Secretary to the Bishop and Canon to the Ordinary
[email protected]

Requests to become canonically resident in the Diocese of Maryland and for Letters Dimissory should be sent to:

Ms. Caroline Bomgardner
Executive Secretary to the Bishop and Canon to the Ordinary
[email protected]


Chartered in 1784, The Corporation, provides benefits to clergy, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children. (Note official full name: The Corporation for the Relief of Widows and Children of the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland.)

Clergy canonically resident in the dioceses of Easton, Maryland, and Washington are eligible for membership in The Corporation. Vested membership is granted after five years of continued canonical residence in any of the three dioceses, and may be continued if one moves to another diocese. Members who establish canonical residence in another diocese before five years are ineligible to remain members.



Clergy seeking possible vacancies in the Diocese of Maryland should first look at the Episcopal Church’s webpage and its list of community ministry portfolios, as well as the open positions list of the Transition Ministry Conference.

Parishes which are active in the transition process will frequently be listed near the bottom of DioMaryland eNews.

Questions about these vacancies and “coming attractions” should be addressed to:
Rev. Canon Stuart Wayne Wright, 410-467-1399 or [email protected].

Priests who are hoping to become an interim rector will normally have certification from the Interim Ministry Network.