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Mission to Seafarers

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist Baltimore’s International Seafarer’s Center is affiliated with The Mission to Seamen, an English organization. When his son asked the Rev. John Ashley in 1835 how people on ships went to church, the Anglican priest began the Bristol Channel Mission, which served the needs of the seafarers on four hundred sailing […]

Bishop Whittingham’s First Visitation to Western Maryland, 1840

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist Six weeks after his consecration as Bishop of Maryland, William Rollinson Whittingham set out to meet the clergy and congregations of Western Maryland. During his thirteen-day visitation, he visited 9 churches, a school, a Sunday School two ailing individuals, and travelled nearly 400 miles. Although he noted the number of […]

Clergy Conferences

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist Clergy conferences have been going on in Maryland since 1700, when the Rev. Thomas Bray, the Bishop of London’s representative to the colony of Maryland’s established church, met with the clergy to find out what they needed, and to help recruit more priests to the field of ministry. More recently, […]

From the Archives: Retrieving Stolen Documents

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist  When Garner Ranney began his 40-year tenure as archivist for the Diocese of Maryland in 1960, he began to systematically catalogue the manuscripts in the collection, which had been in bundles, stored in several locations. As he slogged through this painstaking process, he began to notice large gaps in the […]

From the Archives: Music in Church

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist According to Maryland’s second bishop, James Kemp, “Musick is so congenial to the feelings and has such a happy effect upon the hearts of men that it has formed a principle part in the devotions of all nations.” These words, part of an undated manuscript, begin Kemp’s sermon on music […]