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From the Archives: St. Barnabas’ and St. George’s Churches, the Cathedral’s Nucleus Congregations

by Mary Klein, diocesan archivist “A step in the realization of the scheme so fondly cherished by the late Bishop Paret to erect a Protestant Episcopal Cathedral in Baltimore was taken yesterday when the congregations of St. Barnabas’ and St. George’s Churches united, forming the first cathedral congregation.” So read a newspaper article of June […]

From the Archives: Johns Hopkins Hospital Chaplaincy

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist The Johns Hopkins Hospital was completed in 1889, and in the Rev. George Leakin’s report of 1890 (which outlined the work he had done in 1889 as the Chaplain to Institutions in Baltimore) he mentioned that he had made visits to the hospital. So right from the beginning, the Episcopal […]

From the Archives: Advent Poem

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist   “Advent Poem” By The Rev. William Augustus White “O Christian souls, mark now the time: – High time to wake from sleep; The night is past; the day-spring dawns, Let us our vigils keep. Awake, awake, though all around, Are lost in slumbers deep; Arise, and with repentant heart […]

From the Archives: Bishop Wittingham’s observations regarding Harper’s Ferry in 1859

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist In some circles, John Brown’s raid on a federal arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, on October 16-18, 1859, made him into a martyr. But contemporary abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison called his revolutionary plan “misguided, wild and apparently insane.” Brown had tried to attract Frederick Douglas to join his plot […]

From the Archives: Claggett Center

By Mary Klein, diocesan archivist From the beginning of his Episcopate in 1944, Bishop Noble Powell dreamed of having a place where the whole diocese could meet for conferences, study, retreats and camps, thus developing a family spirit within the diocese. A piece of property near Reisterstown was purchased for this purpose in 1947, but […]